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Looking under the hood

Design, Designer, Designest.

In collaboration with the design team at Descript, we created a site to showcase their work.

To celebrate the work of its internal design teams, attract new talent and foster design thinking in the company, Descript decided to create descript.design. We worked with them on the design and the development of the site, bringing an  outsider’s perspective and making sure the end product reflected the whole spectrum of design work being done at Descript. Work started in January 2017 and the site went live in March.

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Welcome to the show

Designing Catch

Descript wanted a site to share and show off the hard work of their internal design teams. We designed the home page of descript.design as a collage-style feed, a great way for visitors to catch a glimpse of what the teams have been up to.

Made you look

The case studies

How do you create a perfect case study? After many meetings and several directions we ended up with a direction that made everybody happy. Seriously. Everybody.

It was important to really nail the homepage, because it needed to represent all different kinds of design work that gets done at descript. We executed on several iterations to make sure we really had something good.